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Create your own Happiness


I have been so obsessed with my future that I haven’t been enjoying my present.
I’m waiting on my hair to grow so I’m always self conscience and won’t just embrace it and enjoy my new look.
I’ve allowed myself to be so set on marriage and being loved, that I see my alone time now as a bad thing and not to enjoy it.
I’m so obsessed with being successful that I’m not thinking about what it takes to get there, like finishing college.
I think the problem is that I’m patient. I’ve had to remind myself that I’m on God’s time, not my own. I trust him so here’s to the rest of my life…



Natural Hair Journey


My hair is finally becoming one texture! The heat damage done to the front of my hair has finally grown and been cut out.
My next step is ordering some Hairfinity pills and coloring my hair. I’m thinking a maroon color!

Love Me… While You Can


You never know what to say to someone who has lost a loved one. A friend just called me saying he lost a loved one and my heart broke for him because I can’t do anything to ease the hurt; but I can pray for him.
It just makes me think though; cherish people while they’re still alive. Life is short and I’m blessed for the people in my life and I don’t think I appreciate them, especially my parents, enough. If you have people you love, LOVE them. APPRECIATE them. CHERISH them.

Love Doesn’t Hurt


I’ve always been confused when men or women say, “I love him/her so much, it hurts.” Love was never intended to hurt. Love is beautiful.

I’ve loved once and it almost destroyed me. It’d be easier to blame him but I blame myself. I’ve never really known my worth. When people tell me I’m beautiful, I sometime want to be like, “you have such low standards.” I’m good at acting. I’m good at saying “I’m fine” and making you believe it.
I built my world around him. We were supposed to both go to school in Alabama and everything was going to be fine. If he said I was beautiful, then I was beautiful. When he cheated on me or made remarks about other women, I became so insecure.
I think it didn’t work among other reasons because I put him before God. Time when I could’ve been reading the bible, I was texting him. Times when I could’ve been praying, I was staying up late talking to him in the wee hours of the morning.

Love doesn’t hurt. Your might have to sacrifice some things but you’ll never have to settle. I only recently completely got over him and my heart has began to mend. I had to love him & then let him walk out of my life so I can be ready for the right person who is going to love me back.

“Your first love will make you realize why your first love wasn’t your first love.”


From Straight to Curly


I have had a lot of sew ins and I had lost my curl pattern in the front of my hair. So my hair in the front was really straight while the rest was curly when I made my “Big Chop.” As my hair has been growing out, I have been cutting the straight parts out and my curl pattern is finally back and matches the rest of my hair.


Love waits for … Everyone


I don’t know too much about love but I’ve seen it displayed. I see the way my Pops gets excited about doing things for my Moms. I see the way my Moms shows her appreciation to him. And it’s not hit & miss. It’s faithfully. I’ve experienced it for 20 years. My dad threw my mom a surprise prom just because she wasn’t able to go to hers. It was small and intimate at the house with a few friends but it was so sweet.


I hear about the way my Grandfather loved my Grandmother. He died loving her.


I’ve only really loved once and it didn’t turn out good. A lot of people in their alone period get unhappy and they’re willing to settle for less than what they deserve. I use to think I would NEVER EVER get married because of how hurt I was. I never thought all guys were the same but I started running guys away and I wasn’t completely over the guy I was dating. But I believe in love and I believe if I wait patiently and just continue to stay focused on my success, God will send the exact one I need.